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Thread: Online urban geography courses

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    Oct 2005
    Boulder, Colorado

    Online urban geography courses

    There's an Urban Spatial Analysis required class I'm trying desperately to avoid taking at CU Denver, and to do so I've got to take an urban geography class at any level. If anyone knows of one or a place to look where I could take an online class, save some money, and maybe learn something, please let me know.

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    May 2005
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    Ah...Yuk Lee's class. It wasn't that bad of class, but If I remember right Metro has a whole Urban geography department and it is right across good old Spear Blvd. I would also look at UNC both in CO and NC i can't remember which one, but someone took a class at one of them and it meet the requirement. But if you do take the class pick something fun - we did strip clubs- it is a little hard to follow him in class (one of my friend would leave every day at the half point. If he came at all), but act like you like his jokes. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally posted by DCBuff
    I would also look at UNC both in CO .
    I don't believe UNC will offer their Urban class online... but they could still surprise you. Check 'em out. UNC's wasn't so bad.
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    The Ohio State University would be a good place to look, that is if UNColorado doesn't have it..... The other place is the University of Denver and an Andrew Goetz class (A top notch professor of transportation, if your looking for a transportation class too...funny since I think their both Ohio State Grads) Don't get on Lee's bad side, he will haunt you forever (Trust me on this!! ) The day he retires, the school's reputation and quality should increase. But I have to say his Urban and Spatial Analysis class wasn't too bad and it in fact was kinda fun.....(It kills me to say that .....)

    JUST DON'T take him for Planning Methods!!! He'll make you memorize everything........as though you wouldn't have access to those equations at work!!!!

    Also one reason I mention that transportation isn't a strong part of
    UCD's program
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