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Thread: Entitlement Process

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    Entitlement Process

    Posted by Andrew Vreeke on 2002-05-28 4:24:03am

    Could some one please tell me about the entitlement process for discretionary vs. administrative projects?

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    Posted by Helen Ramirez on 2002-07-10 5:27:15pm

    Administrative projects are usually issued "by right" that is if the project complies with a city's development standards you can immediately go through plan check (ie. submit site plan, floor plan, elevations) to the building department for a permit. Once you are issued a building permit you undergo construction, get your certificate of occupany and your done. Be careful because some cities have historic overlay zones or architectural review boards that may require your project to go before a city committee and undergo review prior to applying for a building permit.

    A discretionary permit is an approval process for a project that may, for example, require a Conditional Use Permit or Variance. You first need to obtain approval by a Planning Commission PRIOR to applying for a building permit so there are no guarantees that your project will be approved. The process involves a staff report that researches and analyzes the project and recommends an approval or denial of the project to the Commission. It is noticed to the surrounding residents within (ie 300 feet) a distance from the site and invites the public to comment on the project at a pubic hearing.

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