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Thread: Parking problems

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    Parking problems

    Posted by Rick Siegel on 2002-06-05 3:59:42pm

    I employ 16 people in a grandfathered 4 story office building on Melrose Ave/Crescent Heights Blvd. The building employs some 65 people in @12,000Sq. feet. The building has 28 parking spaces.

    As of Monday, June 10, as neighborhood parking becomes 24 hour permit, there will be no available public parking lots for over a mile in any direction.

    Is there any solution to this problem?

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    Posted by david fleming on 2003-09-29 11:04:29am

    please contact me. i'm doing a story on parking issues in los angeles.

    fox 11 news

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    Posted by Dave Saldana on 2002-06-07 8:25:21am

    I would seek underutilized parking lots in the area and lease unused parking spaces from "low-key" businesses. Are there any churches nearby? Their lots are usually vacant during the work week.

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    Posted by rick siegel on 2002-06-09 7:08:01pm

    I've thought that thru; sadly I can't think of any church, restaurant only open at night, or anything else that might work that's in the Melrose/Crescent Heights vicinity. What I'm hoping is that someone who accessing this site has had success in getting the City to understand that grandfathering an edifice means helping solve the problems that a building without enough internal parking.

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