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Thread: graduate schools for urban planning

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    Jun 2004

    graduate schools for urban planning

    Posted by eric on 2004-09-25 1:52:06pm

    I'm applying to graduate school next year and was hoping to get some input from professional planners. What schools in California best prepare students for the real needs/demands of urban planning careers? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Posted by mark on 2004-12-27 3:02:45pm

    usc and ucla tend to bring a little more theory and cal poly-pomona brings a little more real world experiences. all 3 have excellent reps in calif. cal-berkeley also is considered tops.

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    Posted by Kurt on 2004-12-01 7:37:52am

    The Planning Graduate Schools in Los Angeles are all great. Each have a different angle on Planning. For technical planning, hands-on, physical planning, Cal Poly Pomona can not be beat. The grad program is in the late afternoons and early evenings. UCLA is a great public policy school. I went to UCLA. The school is getting more physical planning but policy and theory is it's strong suit. They have a great transportation program. Many national leaders in planning are on the faculty and they bring in many big names for a semester. USC is a a good school for people on the other side of the public counter. This school is heavy on policy, but they are good for real estate development, both profit and non-profit. They also have a great reputation with producing great consultants. Hope this helps.

    Kurt Christiansen
    Development Services Director
    City of Sierra Madre
    Los Angeles Section Director
    American Planning Association

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