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Thread: interestion job information asked

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    interestion job information asked

    Posted by Niels Lameijer on 2005-05-12 3:21:22am

    My name is Niels Lameijer and I am wondering is anyone can give me some information about working in the planning sector in LA. I got my degree (university) in land use planning in the Netherlands 6 years ago. After my study I have worked for the Dutch farmers union in the policy staff where I developed the spatial policy for the Dutch greenhouse sector. Currently I work at the biggest government bank of the Netherlands with their development and equity investments company. That company facilitates complex partnerships such as public-private-partnerships were we work together with local governments to develop project as industrial areas. Within these projects I mostly focus on the strategic long term policy of the project.
    I hope someone can give some ideas were I might have some luck in finding a interesting job challenge in LA. I hope to read some very interesting reactions.

    Niels Lameijer

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    Posted by Elin on 2005-06-01 4:42:52pm

    www.planetizen.com always has some good senior level projects posted. have a look in the job section.


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