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Thread: Urban Planning; in the office or in the field?

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    Jun 2005
    Miami, Florida

    Urban Planning; in the office or in the field?

    General question about working as a Planner for a City authority;

    Do planners spend most of their time in the office reading and writing reports? Or do they spend a substantial amount of time out in the field examining sites?

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    Jan 2004
    I spend most of my time in the office. That said, much of my time is in hearings, in meetings, in the clerk and recorder's office, in the environmental health department's office...etc., rather than in front of my computer. I personally get out in the field about once or twice a week.

    That said- once you've gotten the "planner eye", its really hard not to just walk around looking at the landscape when you're off the clock- noticing the sidewalks and the landscaping and the access points and the architecture and the geology and the water and the storm runoff and the 'vacancy' signs in the windows of downtown shops and the power lines and the street pattern and the parks and the trails and the agricultural fields and the wildlife... you get the picture.

    Oh yeah- and I work for a county rather than a city.

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    Jun 2003
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    I'm about 85% in the office. With some new hiring that I've been able to do, I will probably do a few more site visits myself instead of relying on the Building Official to catch everything.

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