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Thread: When asked for references

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    Aug 2001
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    When asked for references

    When asked for references, should they be only be professional references or should you maybe include a personal reference of someone with whom you have known for about 10 years?

    I would qualify each as "Professional" and "Personal" if I did include both I guess.

    And this is for a small, private planning firm...not a government entity if that matters.
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    Jun 2003
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    When I give my reference list, I generally have three professional references and two personal references. I let the employer take their pick on what kind they want to talk to. References have lost their importance somewhat because, with out sue-happy society, few will go beyond saying that you worked there for xx number of years. Personal references are more apt to give details about you, so some employers like those.

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    I've only listed professional references in the past. I've never been asked for additional personal references.

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    Jun 2003
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    I have been lucky to have a reference that covers both personal (20+ yrs) and professional (volunteer 3 + yrs)
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    My last two jobs have been with private firms, and I've only given "professional" references when asked. I've always assumed that I am being asked for profesisonal references, and that the interviewers would specify if they wanted personal references as well.

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    May 1997
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    "Professional" only as far as this employer of planners is concerned, but I can say that volunteer activities have figured prominently in our last two recruitments, so you shouldn't hesitate to include a reference who knows you as a volunteer. I also tend to have a relatively broad definition of "professional." For example, I had an applicant I really liked who had done some volunteer work that wasn't in planning or conservation, but that did involve community organizing around other issues. I think that sort of thing counts, and could be the source of a reference, with most employers.

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    Aug 2001
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    I would say professional, but not be rigid on this. For instance, I have a good friend who has started and managed a couple businesses, and is now a real estate broker and commercial property manager. His experience is of interest to someone hiring an economic developer, and he has knowledge of my abilities in understanding small business and in commercial property development.
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    I think they need both to get a good picture of the person. You can bet that the feds and law enforcement look to personal as much or more than professional references Way back when I got a summer internship with the US State Dept., the secret service talked with all my buddies and family before giving top secret clearance.
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