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Thread: Weekend Wilderness

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State

    Weekend Wilderness

    Spent the weekend camping at Wyalusing State Park, on the confluence of the Wisconsin and the Mississippi Rivers. Had a (potentially) great campsite, high on a bluff over the Wisconsin River with Prairie du Chein on the other bank. Only....

    The lights of the city were mostly something that was not too offensive, but what was that really bright spot on the edge of town, about a mile and a half away, as the crow flies. Bright white lights lighting up a big building. Gray. Blue. Red. Oh yah, and in letters big enough to read from the bluffs: Walmart, Always.

    To make things worse, the site across from us was occupied by an urban assault vehicle straight out of Stripes. This thing must have had three-phase - eight big globe lights strung out across the roll-out awning, three more lights like headlights on the same side, television, and satallite dish. We did not need flashlights to set up our tent. These idiots were thoughtful enough to leave the lights on all night, just in case we were afraid of the dark, I suppose.

    Has it really gotten so bad that people can't leave suburbia behind, but have to pack it up into mobile sprawl units that they use to intrude on "wilderness" from which you can take in sweeping vistas of forest, river and supercenter?

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    Sep 1999
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    Well, it could have been worse! I spent the weekend camping at a local Boy Scout camp, inhabited for the weekend by 800 Cub Scouts and their families. In October, it is still very hot to be camping in Florida. (On the plus side, no WalMart!)
    Anyway, I know what you mean about idiot campers. We have had to abandon a favorite family campground near a river because of the morons on airboats who come roaring up the riverbanks, 25 feet from the campsites, all night long. The campground permits boat launching so they can't discriminate against these guys. They are the worst of the worst of the rednecks, loud, ignorant, and inconsiderate.

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