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Thread: Tuesday October 25, 2005 Noontime (Civil Leaders) question from Michaelskis

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    Apr 2003
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    Tuesday October 25, 2005 Noontime (Civil Leaders) question from Michaelskis

    Today’s question is in response to the news about Rosa Parks. She was not a loud aggressive person, but her simple refusal to not give up her seat inspired a country to fight for civil rights. Although the issues have changed since that time, our county still has problems.

    Do you think that individuals today can have the same type of influence as Rosa Parks had?
    If you want different results in your life, you need to do different things than you have done in the past. Change is that simple.

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    Feb 2002
    Yes, but is anyone willing to? It seems now-a-days everyone wants to complain about everything, but rarely willing to actually do something about it.

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    Mar 2004
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    I would think that in today's world of CNN, FOXnews, CNBC, this would be difficult to do but not impossible. National news is now intensley competitive, I would have a feeling that boycotts, civil disobedience, and strikes do not have the same effect as they used to (unless they lead into full scale violence as in Toledo).

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    If someone does something similar to what Rosa Parks did, it would be popular. Popular until the new season of Laguna Beach--The real Orange County begins or whenever the new Fear duJour comes onto our news-saturated society.

    It's a real shame...
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    There are potential Rosa Parks waiting in the wings as we speak, but I'd have to agree with what others have said. The media already decides what stories run and what angle gets played. Nowadays, if MLK jr. were alive and staged some civil disobedience, the networks would briefly mention the event and spend the rest of their air time dwelling on his affairs....
    We have no heroes anymore.
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    Honestly I think our culture has changed in the last 50 years, and we as a nation just don't respect or even listen to people who take quiet, principled positions on matters. I question whether Martin Luther King, Jr. would be successful in today's world -- not because he was quiet (he wasn't), but because everyone is so cynical about motives and would not accept a position based on moral principle.

    ^^^Uh, yes, Maister did just say the same thing, a scant mili-second before I was able to.

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    Jun 2004
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    I think that there are people that can be the "Rosa Parks" of their cause. Maybe the Mayor of San Fransisco(sp?) for gay rights. He married same sex couples despite laws against it. I just don't think that removed enough from the issue yet... at the point that it is legal all over... despite folks objections it will soon happen and he will be a individual that get some credit and i am sure there are others but i used him as example.

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    Apr 2005
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    For her time, Rosa Parks became famous because she challenged what was then unthinkable. As earthquakes continually relieve the stress of the tectonic plates, there is always some issue bubbling near the surface, ripe for reform. Events conspire over time to leave a trail of tinder for the entrepreneurs of social change. Timing is crucial to whether they end up getting snuffed out, or igniting a political firestorm. So no, I don't doubt that individuals today can have the same influence that Rosa Parks had. Alfred Kinsey was a contemporary who helped spark the sexual revolution and the modern wave of feminism. Cindy Sheehan is a recent, albeit lesser example. I could think of more.
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    Matthew Shepherd's mom (her first name escapes me at the moment) is doing her bit for greater acceptance of gays in society. Given the hostile reception she regularly gets from the hate church The Westboro Baptist Church, I would say she is a very brave and resolute woman.
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    May 2004
    As best as I understand it (I was not alive) Rosa Parks just provided the spark to the already swelling anger. So yes I think that someone could accomplish this today but there would have to be the groundswell already there, and as mentioned by others - people are generally more interested in watching Tv than actually making changes.

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    Civil Rights was the jugarnaut issue of it's time... the elephant in the bedroom of our nation. What issue has that status now? I can't think of any? This doesn't mean that racism, sexism, sexual orientationism, corruption, organized crime and these other things aren't still out there, but what is the one major injustice that people are ignoring? I can't think of one? Perhaps not having a television for the last 4 years has screwed with my mind.

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    Perhaps not as far-reaching, but parents and others who have campaigned for stricter sex-offender laws, have really had an effect.

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