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Thread: Toys 'R' Us in the changing retail economy

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    Toys 'R' Us in the changing retail economy

    So, what do you all think the fate of Toys 'R' Us would be?? They closed down all their Kids 'R' Us stores, which I think was a good move. Their Babies 'R' Us stores are apparently doing phenomenally well, with good reason. Where else can you get all your baby items, specialty and generic? Toys 'R' Us is the lone toy chain left, and somewhat of a golden treasure of my childhood. But as Wal-Mart racks up cash in the form of rural customers and cheaper prices, and the age at which kids shift from toys to electronic media becomes younger and younger...Toys 'R' Us is in deep trouble They have seen profits tumble, and have thus remained in operation yet stagnant in any kind of growth/change for the longest time, yet to make a decision.

    So, what do you think the fate of this once-beloved, yet now-stagnant specialty retailer will be? Will they go the K-Mart route (close a lot, but not all), will they sell the chain, will they fold altogether, will they revitalize/change format?? How do you think a very potenital shutdown will affect the American marketplace and the current generation of little kids?? Thoughts...
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    I have a bias view of this since my good friend is manager of PR for Babies-R-Us. Your right in that the baby stores are doing much better then Kids and Toys. Coming from Denver many if not Toys-r-usís have out of business. I donít even remember if there where any Kids-r-us, I think that was dead before it started. Now that I am out east the in D.C. closer to the Headquarters in NJ the market seems to better for the r-usís. I donít have kids or really use any of r-us shops, but I loved toys-r-us when I was little. When I think toys, I think Target, but remember the good old days of mom and pop shops.
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    They'll probably sell off the Toys portion and spin-off the Babies portion as a new separate company.

    Look the gigantic liquidation sales at your local ToysRUs store soon.
    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

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    I love Toys 'R' Us because it is the only place that I can go to that has a wide variety of toys. I hate shopping Wlal-Mart and Target for toys since they do not have many toddler toys. Babies 'R' Us are also great. Even though they are both big box stores, I would hate to see them go because they both have fantastic sales and a great variety.

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