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Thread: Law student's quest for planning

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    Nov 2005
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    Law student's quest for planning

    Just like some of the others on the forum I am also curious about everyone's thoughts on using my JD for a career in planning. I've read a good deal of the threads related to practicing attorneys pursuing a new career in planning and as a semi-disgruntled law student I'm heartened by this community's responses. I also would like to work for the government or a small law firm rather than a large law firm. However, ultimately I would want to work on issues related to urban development and I am not averse to going back to school to get a master's.

    I'm currently a second year law student who would like to see what it's like to practice law specializing in land use and zoning. I have, so far, only taken a general Property course which briefly touched on land use (our professor spent some time going over the development of Takings law in anticipation of the Kelo decision) and I'm taking a course on Real Estate Transactions. Next semester I will be taking a course on Land Use and a seminar on Sustainable Regional Development.

    Currently,. I have already called Washington DC's Office of Planning about the possiblity of an internship and they seem pretty receptive. Is there any part of a city's planning department that I should focus my attention on? Are there other Land Use opportunities I should take advantage of here in the capital?

    I appreciate everyone's input in this as I do not personally know of many other law students interested in pursuing this field from a policy angle. I especially would like to get the opinions of those who have JDs or work closely with those who do.

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    You may also want to talk to the Clerk's Office as they are the ones responsible for the keeping and preparation of By-laws.
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    Jun 2005
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    I'd also check out the The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), which does land use planning and policy in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in Maryland. They have a website at http://www.mncppc.org/

    As a law librarian, I know that there are many opportunities for those with a JD who do not want to practice law, but still work in a law related field. Good luck in your career search!

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