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Thread: Dissertation Advice Historic Buildings

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    Dissertation Advice Historic Buildings


    Im in my final year of my building surveying degree at uni. Im looking for some guidance on what topic to study for my dissertation (thesis) Im interested in Historic Buildings and am considering studying the thermal issue problems (thick walls, retained heat ect) but I am having trouble narrowing down a specific issue that i could study.

    Can anyone offer advice




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    Welcome to Cyburbia tommy100 and congratulations on nearly completing your education. I have a Master of Science in Historic Preservation and also did my thesis on what I later thought was a rather dry, technical topic (fire code compliance in historic commercial building rehabilitation). So before I suggest some ideas, are you really, really excited about this topic? If you are like me, you'll be eating, sleeping, dreaming it for some time to come, so it had best hold your interest over that time.

    Having said all that, the obvious issues that jump out from historic masonry structures are their stubbornness toward modernization (installing electric, plumbing and other modern conveniences requires substantial compromise one way or another). Energy efficiency, or the lack of it, is another difficult issue that is certainly timely with energy prices ever escalating. I studied for a time with a Danish architect who had studied the effect of acid deposition on historic monuments in Danmark and Germany and proposed masonry coatings that would slow the adverse effects.

    You may want to browse some sites, Association for Presevation Technology would be a start, The US National Park Service has on-line editions of its Preservation Technical Bulletins that are quite good, but there just aren't enough topics covered.

    Good luck and stay in touch.
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