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Thread: Zoning for waterfront communities

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    Zoning for waterfront communities

    Looking for examples of zoning ordinances for waterfront communities - looking for progressive models (i.e. mixed use). Anyone?

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    We too are looking to address zoning and development regulations for lake and pond waterfront property in New England. Typical, but adding to the complexity, the call for stricter regulations for development on the waterfront is proposed by those persons who already live on the pond or lake. For the most part, the over-development, or in many cases, redevelopment (ie: cottage community to year round) has already occured and current zoning lot size requirements more than compensates for the already over-developed areas. Future development at a high density is pretty much resulting from any residual non-conforming lots of record. HOWEVER...., and I would like to hear from other community's experiences, the problem seems to be more related to excesses in watercraft usage and watercraft traffic, recreational activity, complaints about public access, renovating the cozy cottage to a large home and garages, alteration of the shoreline in favor of a retaining wall and the like. The regulations that seem to be in order, are those regulations that will limit the excesses of the homeowners that already live there and creating the problem.

    COmments and critisim welcome.

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