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Thread: Zoning for heritage conservation districts

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    Sep 2001
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    Zoning for heritage conservation districts

    Does anyone know of or have examples of good zonign provisions for areas that contain heritage buildings and landscapes, but at the same time have vacant lands and are facing development pressures?

    Looking for ideas of how to deal with expansion of uses and parking, adaptive reuse of houses for commercial uses, multi unit residential buildings, mixed use etc.

    Areas of concern in the community:

    1) Landscaping
    2) Parking
    3) Height
    4) Lot Coverage
    5) Setbacks

    Uses are less of a concern then how the buildings and sites end up looking.
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    Nov 2004
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    Donk, This is an Irish example which is defined in Irish Planning legislation, but it sounds very similar to that which you are attempting to create. It is called an Architectual Conservation Area. In reality is should be called a Character Conservation Area, but thats just nit-picking.

    I have included a link from the Department of the Environment website to a document explaining what ACA's are and what they should contain. It is however not specific in relation to certain uses, or car parking etc, I'm afraid we dont work on code based systems over here. I hope this is useful in basic structure terms.

    http://www.environ.ie/.../0/17407b65...56f0f003db979/ $FILE/03%20Architectural%20Conservation%20Areas.pdf -

    This is a good example of an ACA being put into practice
    Go to section 6 and look for Character Areas.

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    Apr 2002
    Atlanta, GA
    The link below is to an overlay zoning regulation for a neighborhood in Atlanta. Many of the issues you refer to are discussed, though not commercial integration (the neighborhood is predominantly, though not exclusively residential). This particular zoning relies heavily on compatibility with existing development as determined by a strong review process. If you don't have a system for design review in place already, this may not be the way to go.


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