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Thread: Environmentally sensitive lands.

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    Environmentally sensitive lands.


    I just found this forum. Do any of you know much about environmentally sensitve lands? (ES) I live near Jacksonville, Florida and a developer is about to build homes on an island. It is a big island, about 200 acres, and dozens of homes are proposed.
    I looked up ES zoning in Florida and it says you need 10 acres and 250 feet of width to build a single family residence on an island. ES says that docks, fish camps, wharfs and single family resiences can be built if they have 10 acres.
    here seem to be a lot of mangroves on the island. Can the developer trim mangroves for a homesite? Can they cut down oak trees and palms?
    What do you think about personal property rights. I do not want to see homes on some islands, but I recognize property rights. If the zoning allows it.....it is OK.
    Are there any island development experts in here. My favorite island to fish on is about to get homes on it.
    Thank You, Casey

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    Nov 2004
    Not Cliff Island, Maine :(
    Welcome... from South Carolina. Unfortunately, I won't be much help in regards to the island development issue.
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