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Thread: Public meeting on new transmission line in IL

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    Oct 2005
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    Public meeting on new transmission line in IL

    A family member received a letter yesterday from AmerenIP. The company is holding a public workshop next month on a new 345kV transmission line that will be running across his property. He has asked me to go with him to the workshop so that I can advise him on what kinds of questions he should ask about this proposal. It's a rural community and he and other stakeholders have concerns about the project. So far I've called the local planning board and they' told me they have no authority over the plans. I was referred to the Illinois Commerce Commission. I've lspoken with a consumer support rep there and I'm attempting to get the docket # and find out when the commission is set to consider the proposal. I have a map of the proposed route (that was handed out as part of a fire district meeting in a different county) and I've overlaid it onto aerial photos so I have a good idea of the neighboring properties along the proposed route.

    What else should I be doing / issues I should be considering prior to next months meeting?


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    Unfortunately, the information you received is accurate. Power transmission lines cannot be regulated by local jurisdictions and the rightful property owner is virtually incapable of altering the plans in any way. The only question is how much it will impact the property. The transmission company will say not at all. In reality, the power line can impact future developmet of the property through setback requirements, lot configuration, and attractiveness for certain uses, to name just some of the more basic issues.
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