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Thread: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 Noontime (Holiday Travel) Question from Michaelskis

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    Apr 2003
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    Wednesday, November 23, 2005 Noontime (Holiday Travel) Question from Michaelskis

    This is one busiest travel days of the year, and as many indicated they are going to do at least some traveling.

    Are you a “good” traveler, or do you get cranky during long trips? What are some of your better holiday travel stories.
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    Quote Originally posted by michaelskis
    This is one busiest travel days of the year, and as many indicated they are going to do at least some traveling.

    Are you a “good” traveler, or do you get cranky during long trips? What are some of your better holiday travel stories.
    I love me a good road trip! As long as I'm driving (to keep me occupied), I'm a very good traveller. This works out because the Mrs. likes to read in the car. No great stories though.

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    Oh, I suppose I fancy myself a 'great' traveller, although I suspect Mrs. Maister might disagree to an extent. See, I consider making good time to be a sign of a good traveller and that means not making excessive pit-stops. So naturally, one should take care of their bathroom time when they stop to eat or lodge for the night, right, and not 10 times while you're on the road but NOOOOOO......
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    May 2003
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    Well, we've got an 8 hour drive to Alpena, MI tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping that the portion through M'ski and Masiter's neck of the woods doesn't have any bad snowstorm, because I might have to show up at the Maister abode at 7am to wait out the storm.

    I'm not really a good car traveller, in terms of interacting with my fellow car travellers. If I'm not driving, I usually fall asleep.

    My favorite road trip was the week myself, my friend, and his dad spent driving out to Yellowstone. That was great. Got to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, Southern Minnesota....

    As for stories, I'll wait till after my trip to Spain over X-mas week. We have rented a car and will be driving all over Southern Spain. I hope have some good adventures.
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    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

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    Feb 2005
    Reno, Nevada; San Pedro, California
    I'm a good traveler, no matter how much I'll get tested later this evening (flight from Vegas to LA at 9 pm). My idea is this: take things as they come. Everyone wants to be somewhere else! The airport isn't really that bad. Full of comedy and drama. There are times I think I should've driven but a six hour drive and counting right now due to traffic (I think LV-San Diego is eight hours now since the 15 runs by Ontario Airport and outer suburbia). But once I get to LA I'll feel much better about travelling by air.

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    Feb 2000
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    I am a good traveler.

    In fact, I'm traveling out of here, right now. Cyburbians in the United States, enjoy your holiday.

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    Aug 2001
    The Emerald Coast
    I travel well. But I'm really not looking forward to the long flight to California on Monday morning following my flight back from central Florida Sunday night.
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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    My funny road trip story? This is probably the best, of several.....

    I was camped with friends on the Lake Michigan beach, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was the week after Labor Day, the beach and campground were quite quiet (kids back in school), and the temperatures were in the upper 80's. This beach and campground is way off the beaten path.....a long drive through the woods on a dirt and stone path to get there. It is called Big Knob.

    The day was nice and I felt like a "beach walk". Since this beach has its' fair share of nudists, this Bear was sans clothing. I grabbed a 'just-in-case" towel, wrapped it around my head ("Bear of Arabia"), grabbed a goode walking stick, and ambled down the beach. As I walked west-northwest the hot sun baked my butt.

    I walked quite a few miles, drank the Rolling Rocks I was carrying with me, and then turned around and walked back.

    The next day I was scheduled to drive back to NW Ohio.....about four-hundred (400) miles. My butt was so red and sore I could barely sit.....that was the most uncomfortable road trip I ever had. (It is also "funny" now.....many years later.)

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    Nov 2004
    Not Cliff Island, Maine :(
    I travel well... although I do think I'm getting old... as I had some severe joint-pain after taking an 8-hour flight about a year ago. I hobbled for a good hour or so afterwards. With kids and gas refills, there are enough breaks to work out the kinks.

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