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Thread: Internships and grades (was: new here)

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    Nov 2005
    Athens, Georgia

    Internships and grades (was: new here)

    Hey all, third year undergrad @ UGA here. First time posting and first time reading for cyburbia. I'd like to say this forum is pretty neat. Actually, after coming here for the first time I decided to email the local planner and ask about an internship. I have a couple of q's for current grad students / planners out there but let me give some info real quick.
    Following my undergrad graduation I planned on screwing around for a while before going to grad school. I was thinking about getting a job at a local real estate firm or something, nothing too big or too hard, seeing as how those are going to be the last few years of responsibility free life (w/o wife or kids etc.) i won't need a major amount of cash. Kind of like a way to experience life for 2-3 years. After which I would go to grad school and finally get into urban planning around the age of 30 or so.
    Now my situation. The first two years at UGA (University of Georgia) were a lot of fun, too much fun and my GPA reflects it. Lately though my grades have been good, not straight A's but like a 3.5 this semester. Do you think Grad programs really care what I got in Freshman intro english? Basically all my major classes are good grades and the bovine excrement classes well you get the idea. Is it going to be tough to get into grad school? Also, I just emailed the urban planner here in Athens GA and he said he didn't have any paid internship ops this summer. Should I offer to intern for free or is that his way of saying good bye?

    Thanks for your time and, if you reply, your help.

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    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    Having been in the same boat, I would say your grades are an asset. When you got serious, you did fine. after having about a 0.0 my freshman year(s), and maybe a little over 1.0 five years later when I got through the sophomore hours, I was on the deans list the next two years. Five of six planning grad schools accepted me. Emphasize your conversion in application letters.

    If you can afford it, suggest a volunteer internship. I helped on person out that way, and in the end convinced the boss to give him a couple of thousand for the good work. Forget the e-mail: make a personal appointment.

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    I agree with mike gurnee: most schools are going to look at how you did in your major area of study as opposed to Western Civilization 101. I would add that you take the GRE and study for it unless you're a natural test-taker.

    Good luck and enjoy Cyburbia.
    Batter up!

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