Hi Transportation Planners and public transit users out there.
Here in Barrow (pop about 5,000) the farthest North city in U.S., we have
lost our public bus transit system to North Slope Borough budget cuts. It was started in late 1970s, but lost some ridership to private vehicles.
And winter is here ---sun down till January 23. So far a little milder --hovering around zero with some dips to 15 to 20 below or wind chills to 50 below.

Our local college started a van service for students. It is 3-4 miles from the town center. And the seniors have a senior van, but both of these have gaps and also leave a lot of other people without private vehicles dependent on taxicabs, friends, or bundle up yourself and kids and hope for best.

Any ideas on say privatizing some kind of regular bus, on-call van, etc. service?
When I first came to Barrow in the early 1970s, there were relatively few private cars and trucks, but now more. Back then, folks would routinely stop and pick up pedestrians. Town was about 1900 pop then. Now such pickups are less common, altho they do happen. Gas is now $3.95 a gallon.

I ride my mountain bike 2 miles to KBRW at 5 am almost every weekday morning.
Except when polar bear alerts. Good exercise, but have to watch out for frostbite.
Ideas welcome. Maybe my mother-in-law will send warm scarf for Christmas.
Holiday cheer