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Thread: Master planning cell towers

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    Master planning cell towers

    Can communication towers (specifically cell towers)be allowed only by a special use permit in each zone in a county? I was my understanding that everything has a place by right somewhere and the special use permits could only be used for other zones where they were not allowed by right.

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    Cell Towers --Special Use in every zone ?

    I think a more reasonable approach permits towers in certain districts when they meet specific criteria, e.g. camoflage or limited-height towers in industrial or heavy commercial zones. You would also want some reasonable degree of separation from existing towers. Then the special exception approach can be utilized for other districts. Some uses, not specifically towers, can be so disruptive at any location that they may be restricted to special exception uses in the heaviest of industrial or other districts.

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    Cell Towers --Special Use in every zone ?

    Sounds like an excellent policy. By having towers gain a special use permit in all zones, it gives the wireless companies the potential opportunity to locate everywhere and it gives the community the opportunity to deny, approve, or approve with conditions in all zones. It is a win -- win situation! As long as neither side abuses it.

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    Cell Towers --Special Use in every zone ?

    First I believe a distinction between the actually cell TOWER and the ANTENNAE ARRAY needs to be made- both are separate components. Your question leaves me to think you believe cell towers and anntenaes are allowed in all districts within a community and this is not true nor should a commpunit allow the towers by right in all districts. However, communities may find it acceptable to allow Anntenae arrays which are colocated and attached to existing structures acceptable in all districts (and why not if it is out of sight there should not be a problem- maintain administrative review though) however, I suggest colocation in residential districts be condsidered a Special Use/Conditional Use. Locate the Antennae in other districts and administrative review is appropriate. Cell Towers within Residential district should always be Speical Uses but within other districts I believe if you set a minimum distance from Residential Districts (such as 1,000 feet) the project does not need Special Land Use considerations. Planning Commission approval is avisable.

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    Master Planning Cell Towers

    I am looking for examples of a Master Plan for Cell Towers- whether this a map or written document.

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    Cell Towers --Special Use in every zone ?

    our fair City recently established a Wireless Communications Facility ordinance. Most zones require a conditional use permit for new facilities, some zones required an administrative approval with public comment period, others are permitted outright, others are verboten. So, the CUP process only applies in certain areas. We have difficult terrain here with a meandering interstate through our town, so line of sight remains difficult for wireless providers. So far our ordinance seems to be reasonable with both colocations and new structures.

    I have two new tower applications in process now, so we shall see what happens.

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    Master Planning Cell Towers

    The New Jersey Pinelands Commission (www.state.nj.us/pinelands), in conjunction with cell service providers in the area, has prepared a 'master plan' and model ordinance for regulating wireless facilities. Good luck.

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    Cell Towers --Special Use in every zone ?

    In most of the jurisdictions,they are required to have a SUP, especially height and locations are the big issues.

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    Cell Towers --Special Use in every zone ?

    Cell Towers or Wireless Service Facility placement is based upon your communities zoning regulations. If you are having a problem with a local cell tower placement please visit my website at http://www.zylaphone@bigstep.com

    We specialize in helping communities in creating appropriate Wireless Service Facility planning. Additionally, we will assist citizens in determining whether a cell tower site meets the appropriate regulations as prescribed by their local zoning ordinances.

    If you need further assistance, please contact me at (219) 465-3125 or email me at (e-mail address deleted)

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    Master Planning Cell Towers

    I work for Trintel Communications a company that builds cell towers. Our team is made up of 7 former municipal planners and we have done Wireless Master Plans for various communities throughout the country. I would be happy to get you examples of these and also to review and comment on your draft ordinance. Feel free to contact me at (email address deleted). You can visit our website at www.trintel.com

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    city owned cell towers

    Our city is currently being bombarded with requests to erect more cell towers. I am doing some research for our Mayor and would like to know if you have any knowledge of citys that have erected their own towers and then rent out the space to the different cell providers. We would like to do this in order to control where these cell towers are located thus also bring some revenue to the city.

    Thank You,

    Carol Brown
    Chair Mayors Roundtable
    Lincoln, Nebraska

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    Planning Cell Towers

    I am trying to find out if it is possible to block the building of a cell tower in a local town.

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    City owned cell towers


    Our county (80,000) is in the same situation. We are building two towers to see what the results will be. There was a recent article in the Jacksonvile Times Union (Jacksonville, FL) re this scenario published on 5/7/01 which you may want to read. Do a search on the newspaper name and you will find the site. Do a search on the site using the word 'towers' and you will be taken to the article entitled something like "The Power of Towers". Also, if you will send me your email address I will send you an article I got out of a GIS publication on the amount of revenue that Martin County, FL generated from the surcharges we are allowed to bill to these wireless providers.Chrissy

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