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Thread: Gauging perception of a neighborhood

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    May 2004
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    Gauging perception of a neighborhood

    I'm revising a research proposal for my research design class. I need to create a questionnaire that gauges perception of a neighborhood held by mortgage lenders, public officials, and neighborhood stabilization officers as among other things, a place for potential investment.

    I'd like to gauge perception now and then measure it three years later to see if any change has occurred and if the local CDC's housing campaign has had anything to do with the improvement, if any.

    Is anyone aware of any examples/templates or suggestions out there that could help me?

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    What you are talking about is not that far off from consumer preference surveying. You might try googling that term. Are you planning to guage the perception of residents? I would think they might have some significantly different impressions than the lenders and officials who most likely do not live in the neighborhood, and would be more inclined to think that their work in housing is going to have an impact.
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