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Thread: Valuable parking resources (attachments)

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    Valuable parking resources (attachments)

    Aren't the new attachment options great: Attached are our:
    1. City parking dimensions standard.
    2. ITE parking study form.
    3. ADA parking dimensions sheet
    4. ITE Trip generation sheet

    I hope someone finds this useful.
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    Apr 2005
    Section 14-12-7, 3rd PM
    ssn, do you ever have trouble with only 10' aisle width on 45 parking? We use a minimum of 13' here. Of course, we don't have the best driver's in the world, they need all the room they can get

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    The 10' is the perpendicular width (between lines) and works good at any angle. Besides, the doors offset so as to not be a problem with them banging.
    I think your 13' dimension is along your curb, which is a different dimension (OUR B Dimension).

    If only we could add mdb files I could post my multi-way stops warrants and traffic signal warrants databases for the transportation planners out there.
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