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Thread: American Roadside News Website

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003

    American Roadside News Website

    Since some of us have and continue to be fascinated with/by roadside attractions
    I found this website:

    The Latest American Roadside News from around the nation ( 195 items )
    News bits drawn from sources around the nation and the world, with a focus on roadside-related issues and happenings, including, but never limited to; Diners, cafes, historic roads, amusement parks, preservation, theaters, architecture, new urbanist, tourist attractions, vintage memorabilia, roadside signs, and much more. Copyrights for all these articles (unless specifically written by Ron Dylewski or other authors for TheAmericanRoadside.com) remain with the original publishers and copyright holders.

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    Jan 2006
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Hope you'll add your thoughts....

    Hi -

    As the publisher and webmaster of TheAmericanRoadside, I welcome your visits -- but I truly hope you'll take the time to add your thoughts, from an urban planning perspective, to our site. While I love the architecture and serendipity of the American Roadside, I have a deep interest in the larger issues effecting it....as do many people who get caught up in "cool diners" and "roadside giants."


    Ron Dylewski

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