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Thread: My building designs

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    My building designs

    Hello im new here and nice to meet you all.

    Hello, im new here and this is my first time posting in this so and im new at designing stuff. This is my first design that i did on a computer, my first time so it might not be that good.
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    The round glass is could be like a restauraunt that people can rent so you can see the view outside or stairs, none the less it could be something lol, tell me what you think and tell me the truth about what you like bout it and what you think i should improve on. Commets wanted.

    Thx and nice to meet you guys.
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    I have those speakers!!

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    Quote Originally posted by jaws
    I have those speakers!!
    What speakers are you talking bout?
    Well now i have got my five so here is one of my designs

    front http://tinypic.com/view/?pic=jq17cx

    Then i changed it to this:

    In between the spirals there is an elevator. The building is pretty tall bout 90 stories and it should be placed
    in a place like dubai where there is alot of skyscrapers and modern ones.
    The spirals can play as an eye appealing for the rising boom in dubai but also as stairs if people
    choose not to take the elevator. Thx and feel free to leave some comments on what you think.
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    Where is everybody, wtf is this sh+t noone here, this is dead or they dont just wanna answer me and if u dont then ff*k U

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    Quote Originally posted by hello1234321
    Where is everybody, wtf is this sh+t noone here, this is dead or they dont just wanna answer me and if u dont then ff*k U
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    Ticking people off is not likely going to get you any responses. First warning....we don't tolerate abusive language.
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    That is one ugly building. There is no thought to it at all. Not a very good job.

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    Feb 2004
    I think your building is unispiring, but most models without any sort of things around them to judge scale, massing, etc. are tough to make a detailed critique on. I think it looks like a giant strut. I have a feeling that most people will have a pretty negative response to it, but at least you are willing to put it out there. You are right about the setting, somewhere in Asia would probably be a suitable location.

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    Somewhere between the mountains and the ocean.
    What will be the external material? Have you thought of making it an oval to reduce the amount of wind drag from the sea winds?

    I think it is a good conceptual design, and I for something like things, I would encourage a site-specific research as to how it can best accommodate the specific environment.
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