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Thread: Neighbor approval

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    Neighbor approval

    How common is it for homeowners' association rules to require the approval of the immediately adjacent neighbor(s) as part of the approval process for an addition or other major construction?

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    Pretty common. Usually there is a board of directors or some other body within the homeowners association that reviews and approves or denies the request, with the imput of adjoing neighbors.

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    Thank you. There's a big difference between "approval" and "input." Is it common for neighbor's approval to be required in order for the project to go forward?

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    Aug 2001
    I work in a City that has no zoning so most restrictions are done by deed restriction. I've seen many of them where the homeowners association has a committee that has to give approval for now development in the subdivision. Of course many of these organizations cease to exist over time or stop following all of their duties.

    If you are talking "approval" from adjoining property owners then I've never seen a document lake that would allow that. You would have way too much chance of neighbors voting down everything on a vacant lot because they like their nice back yard view.

    Hope that helps.

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