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Thread: Need AICP ethics help (not a test question)

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    Oct 2005

    Need AICP ethics help (not a test question)

    I am not currently an AICP member, failed just by a whisker 2 years ago should be retaking it this year. I work for a Planning Board for a County in which there are 3 planners including myself and a supervising planner over the 3 of us all doing land development review. Myself and another planner do not have AICP/PP licenses and neither does the supervising planner. The other planner, though I have asked for proof of her involvement with AICP or proof of passing the tests for AICP or PP, has not produced them to me and I cannot find her name under the AICP/APA search. If you aren't an active memeber you aren't a member at all, am I correct?

    I need help because she really isn't a great planner, but she signs everything; her staff reports, letters, and even receives mail with AICP/PP attached to her name. I don't think this is ethical, however, I do not have any power as an equal co-worker to do anything about it. I've brought it up to the director and it corrected itself momentarily but she's back to doing it. When I DO get my license later this year I want it to mean something and here is someone saying she has it and really doesn't using it to get false resepct from developers.

    Please PM me for more info if you need it and any advice you can give me, Thanks.


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    Nov 2002
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    From the AICP website:
    If you let your AICP membership lapse and do not pay your full dues for more than four years (AICP, APA, and chapter dues) you will lose your AICP credential and will need to retake the exam in order to be reinstated.
    If she's not on the list, someone could point that out to the AICP police.

    You can find the current AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct here. It includes the procedure for filing and processing of complaints.

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    Sep 2001
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    Just checked the NJ APA chapter website and the Attorney General's website http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/nonmedical/planners.htm. It has a list of memebrs. Considering that PP is a "protected" title I'd give the NJAPA and the AG's office a call to discuss and let them deal with it. With professional legislation the licensing bodies get pretty huffy at people who use their accreditations.

    Also check out the enabling statue, if she is PP she must display her license in a conspicuous location.
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    Feb 2004
    Each state apa chapter should have their own ethics person I believe. You may want to run it by them to see what they say. Otherwise, I think it should be reported to AICP. Sounds like NJ has some laws about using the PP title, so that may be the more effective route.

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    I knew of a similar situation where someone in the state was using the CED credentials after their name. When there were only a couple dozen certified economic developers in the state, it was not hard to determine that this person did not have it. One of the real CEcD's pulled him aside and he stopped using it.

    It seems this approach did not work with your co-worker. Perhaps she did once have the certification and allowed it to lapse. Perhaps she never received it. Perhaps it is legitimate, and she does have it. This could be determined by contacting the AICP. They should be able to determine when or if she took and passed the test, and if so, if she has kept her membership current.

    I don't know if there is much AICP can really do except to send her a notice to stop using the credential. There really is no sanction, as far as I know. An employer certainly has more leverage.
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