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Thread: CalPoly Pomona/Berkeley for Landscape Arch?

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    CalPoly Pomona/Berkeley for Landscape Arch?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the forums, applying to grad school for landscape architecture in Cali (looking to relocate from CT) my undergrad is in Fine Arts (3.59 GPA, 580V500Q/3.5GRE, good portfolio of graphic design/Painting, currently Housing Advocate at Statewide nonprofit-don't ask). So, I applied to Berkeley and calpoly pomona because they were the only two that offered a 3 year prog. for people with undergrad degrees in other diciplines. I also applied to USC for planning just to have a backup.
    Thing is I feel berkeley is a long shot/too expensive so I'm setting my hopes on Cal Poly. It seems like a good school (and not too selective??) but i don't know alot about it, and being east i can't check it out. Anyone know anything? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!!

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    Cyburbian The District's avatar
    Nov 2005
    New Hampshire Seacoast
    try asking around here. architects tend to know more about LA departments than planners. it's an extremely active site.

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