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Thread: Cyburbian involvement in NOLA rebuild

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    Nov 2005
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    Cyburbian involvement in NOLA rebuild

    Are there any Cyburbians involved in the rebuilding of New Orleans? Any thoughts on potential (even if temporary) work down there over the next decade for planners? Among other schools, I am applying to Georgia Tech for next year, and I think being so close to the city might be a good opportunity to be involved in the rebuilding process. Although, wherever I go, I could always go down there for the summer.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    I am on both the APA and IEDC lists for volunteers, and will be doing some work there. My impression is that the need for planners is a bit overblown. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has given most of the work to a small number of large government contractors, rather than bidding it or giving communities the funding to slect the firms they think are best for their needs.
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    er.. I'd have to disagree with the whole "without us there is no America" theme. Sure it's a part of America and was a pretty big city but there are alot of pretty big cities and even the small towns make America what it is. No one city or area or state can claim that America is what it is because of them. Personally since I have never been to New Orleans, never planned to go to New Orleans, and never had any desire to go to New Orleans it wouldn't bother me if the city wasn't rebuilt. That being said I think we should rebuild the city just to prove that we can beat nature and cause I'm sure lots of people want it rebuilt.

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