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Thread: Will Walgreen's reuse a historic structure?

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    Will Walgreen's reuse a historic structure?

    I'm working with a group in Oklahoma City who are trying to save a 1958 Buckminister Fuller inspired geodesic dome building from being demolished to make way for a Walgreen's. Has anyone had luck working with Walgreen's to use a historic structure rather than building their signature box structure? I just need a precedent! Thanks to anyone who can help.


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    Almost never. Ask DeKalb, IL, which lost a turn-of-the-20th-Century Beaux Arts Post Office to one of their boxes. 12,000 square feet and a drive up window are more important than aesthetics, community, history.... That isn't to say that they are sure to go in. A neighborhood in Madison, WI successfully organized to keep a Walgreens out.

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