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Thread: Death Bed Reflections

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    Death Bed Reflections

    I'm curious if anyone else has had an experience with a family member who they had a falling out with. Years later, when on their death bed, did you 'make your peace' with them or not, and did you regret it if you did not?
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    I was just having this conversation last night...or at least similar. Just found out (really knew) that the mother in-law is a very high candidate for stroke. She finally went to the Dr. who delivered the news that she is a real time bomb. We are not on speaking terms right now...as on the last visit she was a real monster. We were discussing you know...what if something happens... are you comfortable with this 'not speaking to the monster'? It is a hard issue.

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    My grandfather died this summer after years of us not speaking. I wish I could talk to my grandmother-he forbade it but I have no doubts about my not speaking to him at all. he chose to try to take me to court, strangle me and called me a killer for putting my signature on papers pulling the plug on my mother. Never mind my mother left written instruction thats what she wanted, she was a shrivled up rotting thing kept alive by means other than her own and I am the monster for following her wishes.

    Sorry to me he was dead the day he lunged for my neck. I have no regrets
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