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Thread: Boundary marking dispute for an eruv

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    Jun 2003

    Boundary marking dispute for an eruv

    From The AP Wire:

    Enclosure Sought by Jews Approved in N.J.

    TENAFLY, N.J. -- After a six-year legal battle, a group of Orthodox Jews won the right to create a symbolic enclosure around the community by attaching plastic strips to utility poles.

    An eruv is created by connecting objects both natural and manmade to form an unbroken boundary line. Inside that district, Orthodox Jews can perform tasks that are otherwise forbidden outside the home on the Sabbath, such as carrying objects or pushing baby strollers. The eruv symbolically extends the boundaries of home.

    The borough argued that allowing the markings could be construed as preferential government treatment toward certain religious groups, since it is illegal in Tenafly to put posters or other objects on utility poles.

    The Tenafly Eruv Association, which had obtained permission for the markings from two utility companies and the county, sued.

    A federal judge ruled in 2001 that the borough had the right to ban the lechis, but an appeals court disagreed, saying the borough had selectively enforced the ban on utility pole attachments. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case.
    Interesting religious practice/rule creating a defined area for their expressed purpose.
    for more info check out Eruv on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eruv

    Cultural/social geography nerd.
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    I recall seeing an article in the Chicago Tribune in the early-mid 1990s about a Erov that was set up in a Chicago neighborhood. It is marked with an additional wire on the utility and streetlight poles, something that would be completely unnoticed by anyone not aware of it.

    I believe that there is also one in the vacinity of the tunnel on I-696 in the northern Detroit, MI suburbs.


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    May 2003
    There is also one in the Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee.

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    There's an huge eruv that encompasses a good portion of the suburb I live in, along with a few neighboring suburbs. It's fairly easy to set one up here, becaue above-ground utilities are the norm; it's just another line on the pole that symbolically defines the eruv area. I wonder about the difficulty in setting up an eruv in areas where most utilities are underground.

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