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Thread: Public records requests in FL

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    Public records requests in FL

    Anybody's jurisdiction have an application or published procedures for citizens to follow when making these requests? Even a notice on your website about where to go for this information, what dept to contact, etc?

    I had an emailed request from a citizen and I am just told to send it to the County's Attorney's office who will probably notify the citizen that he did not meet the statutory requirements in his request. MY question to them, why don't you have a form he could just fill out so he can get it right the first time? This is not an attorney who would know the statutes, just joe blow off the street. They said that would constitute giving legal advice to a citizen, not their job. Well, what do they think planners do when we tell applicants the requirements for a comprehensive plan amendment application, or advise them on DRI rules?

    Anyway, if I can find a jurisdiction with a better procedure, I'd like to point it out to our attorney's office. Thanks.

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    we don't have a formal application but we work with the person needing the information in coordinating how best we can accommodate them, give them a reasonable time frame for our staff to complete the task of finding the stuff, pulling it, and copying it and then agree on a fee to cover those costs - it's case by case

    though i should formalize it - we had trouble with an unreasonable request recently that ended up in court and the judge threw it out to our favor, but still....
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    For our agency, we require a letter stating the statute information and are very specific in how we respond. Well, when we got our court order, that opened up new documents that I did not know were applicable.

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    I just faxed you ours. It's a bit old and needs updating but it's a start.
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    Not FL, and I'm sure our regs are probably different, but for what it's worth here is our stuff:


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