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Thread: Regulating bonus room/thirfrd car garage encroachments

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    Dec 2001

    Regulating bonus room/thirfrd car garage encroachments

    Our current standards allow for a 3rd car side-entry garage to encroach slightly into the front yard setback. However, after zoning approval builders offer the 3rd car garage as an optional bonus room and they haven't been caught at time of permit (a different can of worms right now) so we've got living areas encroaching into the front yard setback. So, does anyone know of language I could look over for ideas on how to limit this (besides stipulating at the time of approval)? I've only been able to find design criterion for conversions. tia.
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    Feb 1998
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    Ah, the consequences of a stupid zoning amendment. Once the parameters of the building wall are set, you are stuck. Sure, you could tighten up the inspection process, but when about 5 years from now when the homeowner remodels? And I bet I could design a bonus room that looks like a garage (until the inspector leaves). Repeal the provision. Exceptions become exceptional problems.

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    Mar 2002
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    Here's a couple of random thoughts that might or might not be helpful:
    1. Require the builder to record a deed restriction limiting the use of the room to garage, and acknowledging that converting it to any other use is a violation (subject to being ratted out by a neighbor).
    2. Prohibit finishing out the garage space (i.e., no drywall, no paint).
    3. Prohibit removal of the garage door.

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    May 2004
    I think you are on target by just stipulating in the permit conditions- I would also require that they record a deed restriction. Then do a stake out and when you find them in violation make them change it back and fine them. Get tough - they will learn eventually.

    Or just forget about it. That's always a good solution.

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