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Thread: Prediction Of Doom

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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio

    Prediction Of Doom

    This Bear had trouble falling asleep last night (Friday before Super Bowl). Was listening to WCCO-AM, from Minneapolis, MN. The middle-of-the-night talkie had a guest who specialized in predictions.

    This dude had predicted (according to HIM) the Trade Center attacks, the attack on the U.S. Marines in Lebanon, and some other stuff.

    Now he is predicting that a terrorist group, comprised of fourteen (14) people, will strike again, most likely in New York City, most likely at the same time as the Super Bowl is taking place.

    Seems to me that we can all predict all kinds of things. We can base those predictions on facts and information we have......examples:

    It's a heavy hurricane season (due to climate conditions). New Orleans is always close to the normal path. Eventually a big storm will hit there. Duh.....

    Terrorists have admitted that their targets are places or events that will get them the most "press" for their cause (whatever their cause) and infrastructure that will have long-term economic affects. Duh.....

    Does anybody track the number of predictions that people like this WCCO-AM interviewee actually present? And their accuracy rating?

    And if his horrible prediction is accurate......even closely accurate.....does that make him a "seer" or is he just somebody who understands that sxxx happens and there are usually a lot of signs that it is going down.

    Any thoughts about these guys? What say you?


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    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    TV weathercasters are probably a lot more accurate...and we know how they are...

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    Apr 2005
    Section 14-12-7, 3rd PM
    Iben Browning predicted a catostrophic earthquake along the New Madrid fault December 3, 1990. Still waiting.

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    Mar 2004
    Appleton, Wisconsin
    And I often look at it in the light of 'In a few billion years, the Sun will have used up all of its fuel reserves and it will be all over anyway'. I'm not laying awake in dread over that, as I have more immediate things to worry about that are giving me my sleepless nights.

    For the closer term, 'It will likely rain and snow a few times within the next year' usually nails it.

    OTOH, I do like pondering the future of the maps of the Americas, especially North America, including those of its local places. The latter kind of comes with the planning field, I guess.

    Listening to the overnight syndicated radio shows is good for some entertainment when I can't get any sleep, but I take what they say with a HUGE block of salt and leave them at that.


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    May 2003
    City of Low Low Wages!
    Quote Originally posted by savemattoon
    Iben Browning predicted a catostrophic earthquake along the New Madrid fault December 3, 1990. Still waiting.
    ^-- I remember that. They made us do earthquake drills in my school in Springfield. They seemd suspiciously like fire drills, except with an initial "duck and cover" component.

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