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Thread: MPA or MAG

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    Nov 2004
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    MPA or MAG

    Finally decided on going into planning from GIS and have some degree questions:

    I'll be done with my Bachelor's in Public Administration next year. After that, I want to go to graduate school and get something more planning-related. UT's MS in Community and Regional Planning is out of the question as they are completely inflexible for the working population and have most classes during the day. Texas State University, however, offers evening Master's programs and has two that are pretty applicable.

    One is a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Urban Planning. You take 30 hours of Public Admin. courses and then 9 hours of planning courses. I know Suburb Repairman is doing this one and he has good things to say. I just don't know if I should do this since I'll have a Bachelor's in Public Admin. already. He told me I should go with option number two, which is: Master of Applied Geography with a concentration in Land/Area Development. This program is mainly planning courses and some other neat stuff such as Location Analysis, etc.

    Would like to get some more opinions on which of these would be best for a GIS guy wanting to go into planning. Thanks!

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    If you already have one Public Administration Degree, I wouldn't do that again. Go for the Geography Masters, it'll be more fun and you'll need it as a planner. Variety is good when it comes to degrees....I think....
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