Due to policy of APA national regarding anonymous usernames in division discussion forums, and their preference to host division duscussion forums and listservs rather than through Cyburbia or another party, the APA Information Technology Division subforum is closed.

Quote Originally posted by Mike Welch, American Planning Association, via a third party
I have since learned that we can't link to a Cyburbia forum from the STaR site on APA's www.planning.org, since it is our policy not to provide anonymous web forums for our members. APA's policy is that members should be willing to identify themselves, and able to identify others, in their online discussions.


And in general, we would also very much prefer to offer this service to divisions through our site, rather than through a third party
This policy should not affect state and local chapter subforums.

I'm open for suggestions about what do do with messages already posted here.