Meteorological Cooperation
A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade
Strength: Mild
Proposed by: St Edmund

Description: Argument: The United Nations,

NOTING that accurate forecasting of the weather and of changes in the climate can be very useful for the agriculture, fishing, tourism and transport industries, as well as for nations’ populations in general;

NOTING that weather patterns are unlikely to fit neatly within national borders, especially when types of weather with potentially serious effects are involved, and that climate changes can have world-wide effects;

NOTING that the more information is available the more accurately weather-forecasting models can be designed and used;

REALISING that nations may be reluctant to share information about their current and predicted weather when they are at war, because that information might be of use to their enemies;

ESTABLISHES the ‘International Meteorological Organisation’ [or ‘IMO’] to collect information about weather, climate changes, and methods for forecasting these; to help develop better forecasting methods; and to disseminate this information to any cooperating UN member-nations whose governments request it;

STRONGLY URGES the governments of UN member-nations to cooperate with the IMO by supplying it with all of the relevant information that they possess;

STRONGLY URGES any governments of UN member-nations who choose to restrict the spread of relevant information during wartime to cooperate with the IMO by saving that information so that it can be sent to the IMO for research purposes after those hostilities have ended;

INSTRUCTS the IMO to cooperate with any other UN agencies that might also have an interest in the subject, such as [for example] the Natural Disaster Assessment Organisation or the Tsunami Emergency Warning Centre, within any limits set by the resolutions which created those agencies;

OFFERS the services of the IMO to any nations that are not members of the UN, if their governments are willing to pay a negotiated contribution towards its expenses and to send it all relevant information that they possess, except for any such nations that are at war with any UN member-nations;

REQUIRES that any information that the IMO has supplied to national governments shall only be passed to any subsequent users free of charge, rather than sold either by those governments or by anybody else.

Voting Ends: Sun Mar 12 2006
As usual, another resolution at vote, and now we have to define our regional position before Sunday. I find this resolution quite interesting, and I am For it.

Please vote soon, so boiker can vote acordingly.

I also remember that only the votes of Cyburbians playing Nationstates and that belong to Cyburb count, and I would thank that others don't interfere. They are welcomed to join us.