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Thread: Postponing applications at public hearings

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    Postponing applications at public hearings

    I did a search and found nothing on this topic, so I'm starting this thread.

    We have had a subdivision and pud request on our plan commission's public hearing agenda since last September. The request was originally tabled at the hearing for a period to allow the applicant to provide additional information that the commission deemed necessary to fully consider the request. That information was received, and the case was re-docketed in November. Then the applicant began a sequence of postponements -- or outright failed to show -- at the meetings. This lead to a formal denial of the requests.

    I think, and I think my commission agrees, that this is terribly unfair to the neighbors (and may indeed be an effort to simply wear down the opposition). We want to address this issue and so I am asking what other communities do.

    I researched my fellow Hoosier ex-Pat Jerseyan's fair community and like what they do (I'll let him chime in if he sees fit), but am interested in other approaches as well.

    So, Cyburbia, how do you handle this?
    Batter up!

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    Our Board will allow for 2 continuances of public hearings, then after that, all abutters must be re-notified.
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    A 3 meeting total, then denial. New applications must start application process again from the start - with all new fees, new notification, and time lines.
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    They get two freebie continuances from us without republishing and sending notice letters. However, they must repost signs on the property for the continuance date. After the two contuances there will be action. If denied, they get to start the whole process over again, including $$$$.

    FYI, failure to show up for a zoning change, variance, etc. here is grounds for denial.

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