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Thread: Wall heights

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    Jan 2005
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    Wall heights

    The city I work for is currently looking to revise the wall height standards in our downtown area. In particular, properties where a commercial use is adjacent to a residential use. For example, most cities in the area we have surveyed allow the wall height to be increased to up to 8 ft if commercial is lcoated next to residential. But what I want to know now after finding that 8 ft is the most common allowance, is where do you measure the wall height from. Especially in cases where one property has a higher grade or plans to fill anywhere from 2-4 ft of dirt. Do you measure from the higher or lower grade? Because if you measure from the higher grade, the commercial site (say if this was the higher grade property) would have an 8 ft wall and the residential property would be looking at a 10-12 ft wall depending on how much higher the comemrcial site is. But if you measure from the lower residential side, the residenital would have an 8 ft wall but then the commercial site could have a wall of 4 ft-6 ft leading to privacy issues.

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    We use the average of the adjacent grades at the proposed wall/fence location unless there is an hard, durable surface (driveway or sidewalk) on one of the sides, in which case that elevation prevails.
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