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Thread: Redevelopment in Forest Park, IL - increasing density the good way

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    Quote Originally posted by BKM
    God, I can feel the icy slush penetrating my shoes as we speak. Brrrrrrrr.
    Well, I would take that over my house buring down in wildfires one year and then getting buried by mudslides in another.
    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

    Every day is today. Yesterday is a myth and tomorrow an illusion.

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    Quote Originally posted by illinoisplanner
    And it's slowly working it's way out to the outer burbs, as Algonquin is already seeing row house type condos along the Fox River and Crystal Lake is getting transit-oriented development near it's Metra stations including condos, townhomes, and retail. Fox River Grove also has a very ambitious downtown redeveleopment plan complete with condos with retail underneath and a restaurant/marina complex on the Fox.
    Are you kidding me? I hate living in Barrington. We have just as much history/age/rail-related past as the next town, but we have so many damn NIMBYs that we can't get anything built without 5 yrs. of hearings. When a local factory closed, what do we get? A sprawly strip-mall, with huge parking lots. Granted, we did fill a vacant space in our downtown with Cook Street Plaza, but it will be filled with more of the same retail types that make our downtown a 10am-5pm place. We have such a fear of *ohmigosh* people walking around at night. It's only killing us anyway, since most of the people around here go to other municipalities for their basic needs, so we lose out on the tax revenue.

    Anyways, this project is quite welcome in the outer burbs. We need some more of it in the northern suburbs, like Niles and Skokie, where aging sprawl-ish retail masks nice, griddy, strong neighborhoods.

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