We're looking for three or four Cyburbians to join the editorial board of Voices, our new online 'zine featuring unpublished essays and interviews on topics related to planning, urbanism, and the built environment.

Preferably, editorial board members would:
  • Be a practicing planner; be in a closely allied profession in the built environment or public administration, or in a professional academic or research role related to urban planning. PhD and second year graduate students may also be considered.
  • Be knowledgeable, current, and skilled in various subject matters related to urban planning, planning practice and the built environment.
  • Be able to look submissions objectively, determine if they are relevant, well-written, and suitable for publication, and determine what changes may be needed to make them so.
  • Have excellent writing skills.
  • Not be hesitant to have their real name and basic qualifications (professional certification, place of employment, job title) published on this page, and their names in a block on the main Voices page. The names would not be connected with Forums profiles.

You don't have to be:
  • An established Cyburbia Forums user or frequent poster. This isn't just an opportunity limited to "Clube" members.
  • North American. Cyburbia is a site with international appeal, and it would be great if the Voices editorial board reflects that.
  • AICP, CIP, RTPI, or otherwise titled, although it would be nice.

If you're interested, please send a message to .