Does anyone know of any good tools/materials that give guidance on how to measure the success of urban design projects after they are completed? I have been speaking to someone in our urban design team who admits that it is a shame that they do not evaluate how well their urban design projects (new or redevelopment) 'work' once they have completed construction - they just hand over management to the relevant asset owner within council and that's usually the end of their involvement. There is some willingness to be involved in evaluation and I would like to get involved and help with this (particularly from the crime prevention angle), but I'd love some help on where to start. I have heard of "post-occupancy evaluations" that are done for buildings, but not public space projects. Do you know of any guidance on how to go about this, or have any examples of good evaluations that have been done? Obviously the things that you measure depend on what you're trying to achieve, so can vary for each situation.

(I have done a quick search of the forums but could not find much about "evaluation").