Roleplaying Rules:

-No godmodding: Troops misteriously transporting themsevles to another nation, Deus ex machina resolutions (i.e. And I nuke the sh*t out of your nation, I win!)

-[RP] tag for all Roleplay related threads is mandatory.

-Keep it realistic: Following the stats showed in you can't invent yourself an army if your defence budget is 0. That site is our reference guide.

-Roleplay etiquete: For international relations you are expected to invent names for your different ambassadors and presidents (or dictators/kings/etc) and any character that you may need. Other players are not to be reffered by their Cyburbian Username, but by either their nation name or one of their characters. Players can also participate without creating characters, but must at least use their nation name as their "Character" (i.e. The people of Skeletonics)

-Stay active!: For all roleplayed activities you must stay active. Like in the game, you have 30 days.

In the specific case of the Cyburb World Map, nations that have no activity within 30 days in the International Incidents thread will dissapear, leaving their territories at mercy of others to conquest.

-RP Wars: They can happen, but first a declaration must be posted in the International Incidents. Nations and their allies can participate in any war.

-Nation Anhialation: No nation(s) can completely conquer the territories of another nation. The only exception is when a nation leaves the RP game or is inactive for more than 30 days. In case of a severe war, the winning nations can offer the loosing nation a small territory elsewhere that they possess. If not the loosing nation can mantain a small territory near their capital city, or where the winning nations draw the line. This must comply with the Scale rule in the World Map (No miniature states)