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Thread: Another planning reference in popular media

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    One of my favorites was a small article in The Onion. Headline: "Planners Zone the Sh*t Out of Everything".

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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    In Sunday's "Zippy the Pinhead" There was a two panel strip contrasting a "good for you" traditional City street to a "bad for you" suburban big box (Wal Mart and Baby Gap) located at a freeway off-ramp.

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    Aug 2001
    Planzilla!!! You read sci-fi!!! It's nice to not be the only planner that can't seem to limit oneself to earth.

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    Glad I didn't see that episode of "Family Law." I hate reality television.

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    Dec 1998
    "The Simpsons" - What about the episode when Homer got pissed off about the change in the area code? He formed a new town called "New Springfield" and became mayor. The problem was, all of the amenities (schools, hospitals, stores, etc.) were in "Olde Springfield" and eventually all of his friends/citizens abandoned him.

    Then there's the episode when Homer became the Head of Sanitation (commissioner or something like that). The trash piled up so badly in Springfield, that they had to jack up the town and move it five miles down the road (or something like that).

    "Married With Children" - Al Bundy built a dog house in his backyard and his neighbor Marcy Darcy ratted him out to the building code inspector. Al had to rebuild the house to meet all kinds of code requirements including ADA.

    There was another episode when the Bundys and Darcys fought over their property line.

    "Singles" - this movie was based in Seattle. The main character was a transportation planner/engineer that had dreams of building a "super train" or somthing along those lines.

    That's all I can think of for now.....

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