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Thread: Getting an interview

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    Jan 2006

    Getting an interview

    I recently sent out a resume to a company who had posted a job. This is a bit of an unusual situation because the company sent the job posting to my school before having it posted publicly. I received a confirmation e-mail stating that they were currently in the process of reviewing resumes and would get back to me soon. I was also told to feel free to e-mail back any questions or concerns that I may have. I was wondering if it would be to my benefit to get back in touch with the individual who sent this message in an effort to try and ‘put my name out there’ a bit more? If I do decide to do this, what kind of question(s) should I ask? Any advise?

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    Aug 2005
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    You don't want to be a pest - but you could keep your name activated by asking if there is a company report - or a copy of their marketing materials they use to give to prospective clients - but when you ask, always say that you will handle postage and handling or something to the effect of making it easy for the person on the other end to accommodate your request

    You may not know who this person is, this person may be your receptionist or it could be the director of HR so they may be in on your interview!

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