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Thread: [NationStates] Military support

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    [NationStates] Military support

    Does giving support to the military buy you anything in the game? Since you can't be invaded, it seems that putting money and other resources into the military is pointless [in the game]. With the police, a lack of funding is reflected in the crime rate and maybe in the business production.

    Does it move your country one way or another as far as type of government goes?
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    I would think it'd make you be more authoratarian. You know. "Large standing army." It might boost industry through miltech largess. It'll likely add a line to the summary too "this heavily-armed nation.."
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    Well, in the game it has no sense at all, but it does serve for Roleplay...

    Although jordanb could be right, and it does boost the military tech industry... who knows.

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