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Thread: Re: [IowaAPA] Assessment exemptions for lower income households

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    Re: [IowaAPA] Assessment exemptions for lower income households

    TIF LMI set aside funds perhaps? Just a thought for you to investigate.

    Dan Gifford AICP

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    RE: [IowaAPA] Assessment exemptions for lower income households


    City of Des Moines has a program to provide subsidy on assessed neighborhood
    improvement projects such as sidewalks and street paving to residents that
    apply and show income eligibility and in targeted areas. We used to use CDBG
    funding but this became to burdensome in meeting all their Davis-Bacon
    MBE/WBE requirements on subcontracting. I know it used to be a graduating
    percentage based on income, but am not sure how it's configured anymore
    since I haven't been in neighborhood planning for a while. The individual
    who coordinates this for the City is George Humphreys at
    gvhumphreys (AT) dmgov (DOT) org . You might want to consult with him if you have
    questions on the detail.

    Erik Lundy

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