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Thread: Where to find statistics?

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    Mar 2006
    San Diego, California

    Where to find statistics?

    I'm writing a term paper on the "Costs of Smart Growth v. Sprawl" (for my Fiscal and Budgetary Policy class) and I was wondering if somebody may point me in the right direction for statistics. I have read over about six lengthy articles and got a few stats from them, but I am hoping maybe there is some website which has a ton of stats I could just browse through. Thanks!

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    May 2003
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    Before you read lengthy articles, Google around a bit. I did "costs of sprawl" and "smart growth infrastructure savings" as a test and found many articles. Most have a summary and a link to a longer article. If they look good, go to the full article.

    You can skim and get the sense of whether the information seems good. Read only those long articles that look promising. One was from the Brookings Institute, which is usually a good source.

    Also, many have reference to smart growth organzations. They tend to put together statisticts. Be sure to check those for selective use of information or bias.

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