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Thread: How to go about getting a career in Europe

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    How to go about getting a career in Europe

    Hello all,

    -this is a European career question

    I'm currently working at the European Parliament but very interested in an urban planning career

    - I have no experience in the field, except for Geography being a major part of my degree

    - I've applied for an urban planning masters at UCL but am 9th on the waiting list behind others

    -What's the best next step - what might be expected of me?
    -Job? If so, could you list some well respected practices I could work for?
    -Course? If so, where and what - I'm happy to be anywhere in Europe and speak fluent Italian, good German (I'm British)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance


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    Moderator note:
    Welcome Andrew. You'll get plenty more responses if you join, tell us about yourself in the Introduce Yourself forum and post your question(s) again in the Career Advice forum.
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