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Thread: Car Talk

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    Mar 2005
    Baton Rouge

    Car Talk

    Remember 1993/4? Reality Bites, Minneapolis rock music,
    the 52-60mpg Honda Civic Vx, the 58 mpg Geo Metro. Okay, the 1994/5 Honda Civic Vx was the only quality, ultra-efficient car that was spacious and looked decent.

    People don't care
    Don't answer people's complaints, if people REALLy wanted a fuel efficient car they would petition Honda to bring back the Honda Civic Vx that got 52-60mpg (I've read about a high of 69mpg at 55mph once) instead of paying twice as much for a Hybrid that gets the same gas mileage.

    There is frequent SUV talk, but how many people pointing fingers even considered buying a Honda Civic Vx when it came out - I'll let you slide on the Geo Metro. Remember, pointing fingers is a crude element of human nature.

    People don't know what they are talking about
    Most Americans want a car that gets 50mpg, weighs 3700lbs, with a CD-player, automatic everything, and goes 0-60mph 5 seconds flat. Newton says it can't happen; most Americans don't care.
    Most people have no techincal logic or education discussion turns into appeasement. Open any US car magazine they major criteria for any car is performance.
    In England its not the case so Ford produces Focus's that have 110hp, are smaller, and get 42mpg over there. While in the US they offer a 130hp, larger car, that gets 36mpg.
    Remember that Geo Metro? In 1994 it got 58mpg, but American consumers demanded more power, GM gave in, and the following year (1995) the Geo got 35mpg.

    A great man once said we will reach enironmental goals through technology.
    I agree 100%, Japanese Technology.

    Maybe then we can stop supporting terror regimes whom we receive most of our oil from: Norway, Canada (Watch them Albertans!) , and England.


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    Mar 2004
    Where the weak are killed and eaten.
    Wasn't there a Dodge Omni Mizer that got something like 40-50 mpg and had more than enough room for five back in the mid-80's?

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    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
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    Mar 2005
    Missing up north from the low country
    In high school (93-95), I drove a 1988 Ford Escort (with over 100K miles on it) that was getting 50-55 mpg after I changed the distributor cap. Too bad my car now doesn't have a distributor cap... (now I get around 28mpg).
    Recently, I thought about buying another late 80s Escort, but my pride is getting in the way. Maybe when gas prices get high enough, my pride will take a back seat.
    How do I know you are who you think you are?

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